Speed of Light - Blow Dry Accelerator

Speed of light - Blow Dry Accelerator

We all crave a little extra time in the morning. Whether it’s for a few minutes sleeping in, meditating, browsing the internet, or just enjoying a healthy breakfast.  Aveda’s newest product, Speed of Light blow dry accelerator spray, affords you those extra minutes and much more!

Speed of Light contains a corn-derived humectant that moisturizes and protects against thermal damage and prevents breakage by 93%. While acting as a primer to protect, the naturally derived lactic acid from sugar beets detangle and condition with a low ph to smooth hair and the seal the cuticle. This allows for enhanced fiber separation and increasing air flow around the fibers to help decrease your dry time. Simply apply evenly to towel-dried hair that’s been evenly sectioned, and then comb through. You can even use other styling products as well.

Ladies with fine hair who might feel like they don’t need to worry about lengthy drying time will benefit too! Speed of Light reduces static and breakage without weighing it down. It also does not contain silicones so your hair will never feel greasy.

                Let’s not forget the usual benefits of buying Aveda products: Speed of Light is cruelty free, the packaging is environment friendly made with 100% PET plastics, and it smells wonderful! So don’t delay! Speed o f Light is only available until late December and is currently only available in salons.

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Brittany Kersey